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Welcome to the revolutionary Coachwares Marketplace.  We have created a marketplace dedicated to the personal development industry so coaches, mentors, teachers, etc can offer their products and services to the general public. 

Rather than spend a bunch of money trying to drive traffic to your individual website with paid ads or giving up upwards of 40% of your profit to affiliate sellers; the marketplace is the preferred way to get your name known.

The Coachwares Marketplace will have the capability of selling both digital and tangible products, membership subscriptions, on-line course materials, event tickets, time based services, etc.  The platform will manage the order, process the payment and deliver the product or credentials to the buyer all for a lot less than current business practices.

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The platform is open to anyone or company who is in the personal development industry. Business, Sales, Life, Health & Wellness, Education, Wealth, Sports coaches / mentors just to name a few areas.  

We want to ensure that this platform remains dedicated to primarily offering just personal development products and services.

There are plans to offer a limited section only available to active members of vendors who offer special services to the personal development industry.  

These products & services would not be available to the general public only in a restricted access area of the marketplace.

The Coachwares Marketplace has a monthly membership subscription and a commission fee.  There are 2 membership levels - Standard and Premium. Standard membership is $39/month & Premium membership is $89/month.  

Both plans have a 10% seller fee which is calculated based on the final sale value before any taxes.  Additional details on the costs of selling on the platform are available at

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